PolarPlex™ Rack Top Baffles

PolarPlex™ Rack Top Baffles (RTB)

The PolarPlex™ Rack Top Baffle is a new option for cabinet supported containment that gives data center managers a significant reduction in both the installation costs and material costs of deploying containment. This modular solution is an economical, quick-to-install option for open top containment architectures. With the Rack Top Baffle operators can achieve a compelling payback on their retrofit projects. These lightweight baffles attach with neodymium magnets for a sturdy installation that is quick, tool-less and easily removable. This containment solution can be installed in minutes, can be quickly and easily reconfigured as the data center evolves, and still provides immense airflow benefits. Baffles can be configured for either a vertical or 45 degree angled deployment.

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