New Rack Top Baffle

Today, we are launching our new PolarPlex™ Rack Top Baffle. This is a new option for cabinet supported containment that provides a significant reduction in both the installation and material costs of deploying open top architectures. The new baffles, with their tool-less installation, offer flexibility and convenience for sites that reconfigure their layouts frequently due to moves, additions, and changes. The baffle’s modular design makes them an economical, quick-to-install solution that can be repurposed through the life of the data center.

I particularly like the Rack Top Baffles because they represent a new class of containment panels that are well-suited for projects where the ROI goals are extremely aggressive. With these baffles operators can achieve a compelling payback on their energy savings projects.PolarPlex RTB at 90 1


One neat feature that we added to the baffle is a “J-Hook” so that lower level “InFIll” panels can be added to fill gaps between racks. This feature is ideal for spaces where there are columns or missing racks. In this case, we use a wider 5′ or 6′ Rack Top Baffle. Our baffles are available is standard and custom sizes.

PolarPlex RTB with SPSCRTB SPS1