PolarPlex™ Suspended Panel System

PolarPlex™ Suspended Panel System (SPS)

PolarPlex™ SPS is Polargy's patented ceiling suspended aisle containment solution with an innovative quick connect and quick removal design. This rigid vertical containment system is ideal for hot aisle containment and a great alternative to vinyl curtains. In overhead applications the SPS is completely supported by the ceiling so it is rack independent and server cabinets can be moved in and out without effecting the containment. In applications with Polargy’s Overhead Prefabricated System or with the Floor Mounted Infrastructure solution full-length panels are used to fill in the gaps between racks or for completely isolating the aisle for commissioning.

Energy Efficiency with Polargy

Saving energy in the data center has become a crucial objective to companies as environmental pressures and energy costs increase. Polargy provides a set of solutions that reduce data center energy usage through improved air flow and cooling system management.

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