Polargy Integrated Ceiling System (PICS) STANDARD

Polargy Integrated Ceiling System (PICS) - Standard

The PICS™ structural ceiling is an ideal solution for integrating the structural support for the data center's cabling, power, containment, lighting and ceiling tiles. The System has the load carrying capacity and adaptability for making connections at any location in the ceiling. With a continuous support channel along the 2’x4’ grid, a PICS™ structural ceiling provides ease and flexibility in the white space layout. The ceiling grid is supported from the building structure/roof with threaded rods spaced at 4’ x 6', which requires 33% fewer hangers than other systems.

Product Information

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Polargy Integrated Ceiling System – Global

The PICS Global™ Structural Ceiling is a single solution for Imperial or Metric threaded rod connections. With a continuous support channel along the bottom of the grid, a PICS Global™ Structural Ceiling provides ease and flexibility in deploying infrastructure. Its simple, yet economical design makes it easy to install and configure.

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