PolarFlex™ Rack Blanking

PolarFlex™ Rack Blanking

The PolarFlex™ Blanking Panels are for eliminating large scale air bypass through empty racks and large unoccupied spaces in server cabinets. With today's use of aisle containment in new builds, data center operators often install full rows of racks even though many will be unpopulated for some time. Also, because of higher density equipment, many racks are only partially filled today. For empty or mostly empty racks, PolarFlex™ Blanking Panels are a convenient and cost effective alternative to installing hundreds of individual 1U and 2U molded plastic rack blanks to avoid air bypass and mixing.

PolarFlex panels come in a variety of styles to complement the aesthetic of any data center, including all white, all black, custom art for corporate logos, or printed with server images to give the appearance of a fully populated rack. Available in standard 42U, 45U and 48U heights, the panels are easily cut with scissors so as racks get populated, PolarFlex panels can be perfectly resized to accommodate new IT gear. PolarFlex panels are made of UL-94-VO fire-rated Lexan film and come packaged in boxes of 10 panels.

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