PolarPlex™ P2 Swing Doors

PolarPlex™ P2 Swing Door Designed for Flexibility

Polargy’s PolarPlex™ P2 Swing Door is an economical Aisle End Containment Door with a sturdy, lightweight design. Door inserts are twin-wall polycarbonate panels to let light through while keeping weight down. Doorframes are constructed with tube steel that makes the doors structurally sound. Door fits standard 42U racks and 48” aisles. To accommodate various installation scenarios side and top flange pieces are included for mounting to racks, walls or Unistrut. The mounting flange width matches standard Unistrut pieces so that installations using strut fit tight and look clean. The vertical support post are provisioned with pem nuts on the sides to give an alternative place for mounting brackets when there are obstructions below the main footpad holes.

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