?#@*&%! Side-to-Side Air

We all continue to struggle with containing “side-to-side” air on the 6500s. We stumbled upon this fix last year in San Jose, CA. The owner reports sufficient air supply with this simple hose and manifold set up.

Cold Air Piped into Cisco 6500s

Is that my dryer exhaust hose?

Here is a little less sophisticated approach on a newer switch at a site in New Jersey.

HP Launches New Air Containment Product


Canada Keeps Cool

In 2011 Polargy installed a Cold Aisle Containment System for the Government of Canada. Below is a note and photos from the Data Center Manager who is a very satisfied customer.


Good Morning Cary,

I only have good things to say about your product. It solved our cooling issues in a snap!!!

We only went with your product after studying all alternative. One main feature of your product is the simplicity of the system and the ease to work with it during installation (minutes) and when maintenance have to be perform in the Data Center where the top panels have to be moved around. It proved such a success with all our staff. For the one concern about aesthetic, well the design is pretty slick if you ask me.

I don’t have the official tally from the CRAC units but my first investigation show that we are now saving more then 50% from our past cooling needs.

As we continue our expansion, you will hear from us in the future


Louis Hall

Moncton Data Centre / Centre Informatique de Moncton
Infrastructure Services / Services d’infrastructure
Innovation, Information and Technology / Innovation, information et technologie
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada / Ressources humaines et Développement des compétences Canada
Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada


Government of Canada Cold AIsle Containment 3

Government of Canada Cold Aisle Containment


Government of Canada Inside Cold Aisle Containment Pod

Government of Canada Inside Cold Aisle Containment Pod