Polargy is Hiring a Solutions Engineer

Be Part of Delivering Cool Customer Solutions 

Polargy is an engineering and solution driven company focused on air containment and other related products for the data center industry. We have a singular focus of satisfying the needs of our growing customer base by identifying and solving our customers’ problems and challenges with speed and efficiency.

Polargy is seeking to add a motivated self-starter to our sales engineering team who works well in a fast paced team environment. While this role will have defined responsibilities, we are seeking an overall contributor who is eager grow with the business and is continually looking for ways to exceed our customers’ expectations. In this role you will perform customer-facing solution development in support of customer acquisition, partner design assist, installation scoping and construction while managing project scope through to customer satisfaction.

The Requirements:

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 3-5 years of solid experience in a B2B sales environment in the data center or in a similar technology related field.
  • Customer-facing skills and a demonstrated ability to communicate with technology influencers.
  • Knowledgeable in processes of design, construction, commissioning and operation of datacenters or similar mission critical facilities.
  • Proven project management skills.
  • The ability to grasp and translate big picture requirements into detail-level specifications.
  • A bachelor’s degree, ideally in an analytical field like engineering.
  • A strong commitment and desire to delivering excellent customer service to clients and co-workers.

Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Support the sales team in capturing customer requirements and translating those to specific product solutions.
  • Become a subject matter expert related to white space build-outs, cooling efficiency, aisle containment, airflow management, fire safety and construction of related solutions.
  • Develop and present technical designs and solutions to meet customer objectives.
  • Define BOM’s and scope of works for customer projects.
  • Identify and document new product opportunities based on customer needs.

Project Management

  • Ensure project scope and BOM is produced and delivered per the project requirements defined in the pre-sales process.
  • Manage the pre-production requirements of customer specific solutions developed to meet project requirements.
  • Provide support to channel partners in the installation of solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Act as the ‘face’ of Polargy until the customer’s project is completed and the solution developed in the pre-sales process has been produced and installed to the satisfaction of our customer(s).

Reach out to any of us on LinkedIn.

Phasing is all the rage

And it’s Just in Time.

Last week the Northern California 7×24 Exchange held their Spring event covering the topic of Construction Best Practices. One clear theme that emerged was the need for Flexible, Phased Capacity as new data centers are built out. Several speakers and panelists addressed market trends in outsourcing that drive this need.

Ron Vokoun from JE Dunn Construction, explained several trends in outsourcing and new construction that are driving the need for flexible capacity.

  1. Small businesses are moving IT to co-lo and cloud providers.
  2. Medium businesses are moving IT to co-lo and wholesale providers.
  3. Most new construction is purpose built, Greenfield, and larger in scale, yet with larger shells, initial fit-outs are modest and subsequent fit-outs are delayed until occupancy is closer.

Sam Brown, VP of Engineering and Construction for Server Farm Realty echoed this phasing approach explaining that customers tell them, “We need 500Kw now and over five years we plan to ramp into 2MW.”

fmiPolargy sees this emerging trend of “phasing” reflected in an increasing appetite for our Floor Mounted Infrastructure (FMI) among co-lo and wholesale providers.

Our FMI solution incorporates containment, cable and power trays, and lighting. It is essentially a “modular white space” solution deployed in response to actual demand for capacity. Using a phasing approach, after the shell and raised floor is built out, the remaining infrastructure of containment, power, cable, and lighting can be deployed as needed. This is less constraining to the layout, which may not be fully understood until actual customers come in and their requirements clarify.

Perhaps most importantly for the industry, this “just in time” approach to data center infrastructure goes a long way toward smoothing bumps in the business model many insiders  are anxious about, as I discussed in my previous post about maturation and rationalization. The ability to easily defer and fine-tune capital investment until actual demands are understood will be a competitive advantage for early adopters of phasing.

Because Polargy has deep expertise and experience with precision design and rapid deployment, we anticipate strong demand for our FMI solution that enables easy Phasing, as this new fit-out trend grows into an industry Best Practice.

Polargy’s new website: Designed for Designers

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.17.45 PMIt’s been a while coming, but the Polargy website has finally been updated! Now it’s even faster and easier to evaluate and spec Polargy containment solutions.

Here’s the Top-5 things our new website makes easier:

  1. Answering the key question, “What is containment and why do I need it?”
  2. Designing new construction and retrofit containment projects with Polargy solutions
  3. Learning about some of the future trends in containment architectures
  4. Browsing videos, case studies, and technical info about Polargy’s innovative products
  5. Seeing how Polargy’s ecosystem of airflow manangement products is relevant to you

“We’re thrilled to launch a site designed for the professionals we work with so closely.” —Cary Frame

The new website features ready access to educational materials about containment, including design files for industry-leading PolarPlex™ containment. CAD, BIM and SKP (SketchUp) design files for PolarPlex are freely downloadable, making it easier for designers (ex: architects and engineers) to speed up new construction and retrofit project design.

Polargy provides premium airflow management accessories and expert professional services with their world-class solutions for each of the six fundamental containment topologies.

The new site also improves access to brochures and videos developed to help educate the trade on containment best-practices as containment adoption continues to soar.


Saving Energy “Down Under” with Rack Tech

Last week we announced a new partnership with Australia-based rack manufacturer Rack Technologies. Rack Tech will distribute, sell and service Polargy’s data center containment solutions in the Australia/New Zealand region. This partnership is an important step for Polargy as we expand our global reach.

IMG_1920Rack Tech manufacturers 19” and 26” specialty rack systems and accessories for the communications, electronic and security industries. Founded in 1990 and acquired by Preformed Line Products (PLP) in 2000, Rack Tech has now grown into one of the region’s largest manufacturers of enclosures and accessories.

We’re thrilled to partner with Rack Technoligies. Fred Garnier (Polargy’s VP of Channel Sales) said in the press release:

“Rack Technologies is an ideal partner for Polargy in Australia. Their local design, manufacturing and installation expertise is the perfect extension of Polargy’s US manufacturing, sales and service operations. Their strong customer support orientation will help ensure optimal outcomes for customers of all types and sizes.”

Together, we are well positioned to reduce operating costs for large and small data centers across Australia, reflecting growing environmental awareness and responsibility in the data center industry.

Design 2SBAirflow management and containment solutions have rapidly become an operating best practice in both new construction and legacy data centers worldwide, and under this agreement, we can continue promoting best-practices in hot- and cold-aisle containment domestically and internationally.

San Diego Gets Hot

We recently finished a new construction Hot Aisle Containment project for a health care company in San Diego. We worked with a Design/Build firm who prepared the below plans.

Plan View Drawings for Hot Aisle Containment Layout


Polargy created shop drawings from these plans to prepare a material list and installation instructions.

Shop Drawing of Hot Aisle Containment


The finished project looks great.

San Diego Hot Aisle Containment


Here is another view.

San Diego Hot Aisle Containment Corner View