Field Friendly Walls

Polargy’s Modular Wall is deployed to create demising walls, privacy suites, and cages.

This wall solution is “Designed for Field”. That means it has Easy Constructibility, Removes Field Labor, and is Field Flexible for unexpected conditions or configuration changes.

The component count is low, making the installation simple. As a thumb rule – the Polargy wall requires about 50% of the labor that is required for drywall.

The cage mesh at the top is there so that sprinkler coverage is not obstructed.

The Sliding Doors are available in 4′ and 8′ sizes and have appropriate locking options for access control/security.

The One Hour Install

A huge issue in building data centers is the excessive cost and time it takes to install the containment solutions. Polargy has designed and manufactured the Flat-Pack Hot Aisle Containment solution that relies on the prefabrication of structural panels in order to increase efficiency during installation and reduce costs. Our goal is to change the data center space by promoting cost-effective, energy saving, and simple solutions.

The installation process only requires a four man team and one hour of your time. Because Polargy prefabricates the system as much as possible offsite prior to install, the final assembly is fast and uncomplicated. We are really proud of this new system that can help our customers save time and money.

“See” the Heat

Polargy’s new Highlight Visual Temperature Monitoring Light lets you see hot spots and lets you know when everything is fine with temperature. It’s a color coded light that allows operators to see if the room temperature is OK.

Green is good
Yellow not so good
We have a problem

Set your own temperature thresholds for when the Highlight changes from Green to Yellow and from Yellow to Red.

Polargy is Hiring Sales People in the Bay Area

Be Part of Delivering Cool Customer Solutions 

Polargy designs and manufactures airflow and room partitions for data centers. We have some of the most interesting, innovative, and customer driven solutions on the market including Flat-Pack Airflow Containment, a Structural Ceiling System that installs faster and more economically than the competition, and unique Privacy Suite Modular Walls that weigh half as much as the current industry standard. We have a singular focus of satisfying the needs of our growing customer base by identifying and solving our customers’ problems and challenges with speed and efficiency.

Polargy is seeking to add a motivated self-starter to our sales team who works well in a fast paced team environment. This is a field role with typical sales goals but we also seek  an overall contributor who is curious to discover new routes to customers and is eager figure out how best to grow with the business. We need someone who is continually looking for ways to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage and grow business with named accounts
  • Go after target accounts, so you will have to be smart about networking into the accounts and you’ll probably make some cold calls
  • Develop clear understanding of customer project requirements


  • Excitement about being part of a small business culture
  • You should be curious
  • Self sufficient
  • Sharp, thoughtful approach
  • Integrity and conscientiousness; people should trust you


  • Sales experience in the technology arena with either data center solution experience or building products experience.
  • Located within driving distance of Sunnyvale, CA.
  • A plus to have knowledge of the data center ecosystem (3rd party providers, manufacturers, architects, consulting engineers and GCs) or experience in similar sales processes where architects, engineers and other third parties are influencers in the sales process.

Can You Cool 40kW per Rack?

Yes, 40kW per rack! Polargy’s Cold Aisle Containment was used at ViaWest’s recent Plano Grand Opening to demonstrate the site’s capability to cool high density deployments of up to 40kW per rack. Paul, with our partner USNet, led the installation of Polargy’s Rack Top Baffles and PX Doors. He is standing next to ComRent’s rack mount load banks which produced the 40kW load for each rack. Temperature sensors were placed through out the aisle. These showed that with the 6′ cold aisle on a raised floor and the open top containment design that the server inlet temperatures were properly maintained.

aisle containment door

PX Sliding Door

data center load banks

ComRent Variable Load Load Banks

data center temp sensor

Temp Sensors in Cold Aisle

viawest containment

Rack Top Baffles at ViaWest

Cold Aisle Containment test

Test Cage at ViaWest


Paul from USNet managed install

New Rack Top Baffle2

Today, we are launching our new PolarPlex™ Rack Top Baffle2. This is a new option for cabinet supported containment that provides a significant reduction in both the installation and material costs of deploying open top architectures. The new baffles, with their tool-less installation, offer flexibility and convenience for sites that reconfigure their layouts frequently due to moves, additions, and changes. The baffle’s modular design makes them an economical, quick-to-install solution that can be repurposed through the life of the data center.

I particularly like the Rack Top Baffles because they represent a new class of containment panels that are well-suited for projects where the ROI goals are extremely aggressive. With these baffles operators can achieve a compelling payback on their energy savings projects.

SHow 45 degree rack top baffle

Rack Top Baffle2 at 45 degrees

rack top baffle deployed at 45 degree

Rack Top Baffle2 on Rack

Vertical rack top baffle

Rack Top Baffle2 Vertical

Our baffles are available is standard and custom sizes.