Can You Cool 40kW per Rack?

Yes, 40kW per rack! Polargy’s Cold Aisle Containment was used at ViaWest’s recent Plano Grand Opening to demonstrate the site’s capability to cool high density deployments of up to 40kW per rack. Paul, with our partner USNet, led the installation of Polargy’s Rack Top Baffles and PX Doors. He is standing next to ComRent’s rack mount load banks which produced the 40kW load for each rack. Temperature sensors were placed through out the aisle. These showed that with the 6′ cold aisle on a raised floor and the open top containment design that the server inlet temperatures were properly maintained.

aisle containment door

PX Sliding Door

data center load banks

ComRent Variable Load Load Banks

data center temp sensor

Temp Sensors in Cold Aisle

viawest containment

Rack Top Baffles at ViaWest

Cold Aisle Containment test

Test Cage at ViaWest


Paul from USNet managed install